Implementing a Performance Management System

Implementing a Performance Management System

Having one or two performance appraisals per year may tick the requirement boxes for your organisations, but are you ticking the requirement boxes of your employees?



What will I learn?


  • Shape the performance of others through appraisals and feedback
  • Best practices for conducting appraisals and identifying needs
  • Identify ways to measure performance
  • Understand how the company and people in it can affect performance
  • Managing difficult behaviours to achieve better performance



Is it right for me?


People in leading or managing positions who need to give feedback to co-workers and subordinates will benefit from this. This can also be beneficial to those aspiring to be in managerial/leading positions in the future.

Commencing on: 20 October 2020    calendar 09:00-11:00    
calendar 50.00

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