Motivation Skills Workshop

Motivation Skills Workshop

Being part of a team and of an organisation means that we have to put up with all kinds of pressure, and if done for a long period of time, this could lead to a significant decrease in employee motivation. This course focuses on various aspects, mainly on what you can do to ensure that you remain engaged, motivated and hence, happy at work.



What will I learn?


  • You will learn about what motivates you in a work environment
  • You will learn about how to deal with daily work struggles that could lead to demotivation
  • You will learn about assertiveness and about how you can be more assertive
  • You will learn about what you can do in order to maintain high energy levels at work



Is it right for me?


This course is ideal for those who work in high-stress and high-intensity environments and who sometimes find it difficult to maintain their own motivation levels high so as to be able to deal with the daily struggles.

Whether you are a team leader or simply interested in personal development, this course is ideal for you.


Bernice Camilleri

Commencing on: 24 October 2019    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 95.00

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