Improving your Decision Making Skills

Improving your Decision Making Skills


This training program is ideal for those who have to make work-related decisions on a daily basis and tend to struggle with this process, either because they tend too long to decide or because they make decisions which they then regret sometimes. During this training program we will go through the decision-making process, discuss what sorts of decisions you need to make and look at the most effective way of dealing with the respective situations. This is a training program which allows a lot of room for personalisation and discussion.



What will I learn?


  • Problem-solving steps and tools
  • What types of decisions you may need to take
  • A practical hands on  decision making process and its application at the place of work
  • What decision making style you usually take
  • Best ways of choosing and implementing the best training program of action



Is it right for me? 


This training programme is aimed at anyone; manager, executive or administrator; who holds or will hold a position with responsibility for identifying problems, is involved in decision making; taking successful decisions and managing a decision making process.

Commencing on: 23 July 2019    calendar 09:00-11:00    
calendar 50.00

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Tel: +356 2205 4605
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