The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

The Power of Emotional Intelligence in Sales

Emotional Intelligenceis a vital skill that you need to master if you have chosen sales as a profession. Getting hijacked by your emotions can crash your sales career; as you need to think critically, act rationally and solve the problems of your customers which is difficult if you are not in control of your emotions. This training session will focus on highlighting the benefits of being emotionally intelligent in a sales profession and how sales professionals may develop their personal skills.


What will I learn?

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Getting high jacked by your emotions
  • Understanding the emotions of your client
  • The link between Emotional Intelligence and Sales?
  • How can sales professionals benefit form EI
  • How EI are you?
  • The Power of Assertiveness
  • Learn how to develop and improve your EI?
  • The YOU APPEAL – Selling Technique

Is it right for me?

This programme is ideal for both new and experienced salespeople.

Commencing on: 04 September 2019    calendar 14:00-17:00    
calendar 95.00

For more info please contact:

Tel: +356 2205 4605
Fax: +356 2124 7512

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