Disability in the Workplace

Disability in the Workplace

This workshop aims to help companies learn how to work with persons with disabilities. Organisations that have an inclusive approach to managing disability can reap many benefits including the ability to explore different skills which can enhance innovation and performance and work.



What will I learn?

  • The benefits of employing persons with disabilities
  • Different disabilities
  • Strategies on effective employment of persons with disabilities
  • How to manage performance of persons with disabilities in the workplace



Is it right for me?

This workshop is aimed for individuals who wish to learn more about how persons with disabilities can be more included in the place of work, how to go about their performance management and what strategies can be used to implement this.

Commencing on: 29 April 2020    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 100.00

For more info please contact:

Tel: +356 2205 4605
Fax: +356 2124 7512
Email: training@miscomalta.com

No. of Attendees:

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