Making First Impressions that Count in Business

Making First Impressions that Count in Business

Whether or not we agree with their lasting impact, we are all aware of first impressions, and we all want to make good ones. 



Where do we make first impressions?


  • In personal life
  • When we attend an interview
  • When we attend a meeting with a new client
  • When we meet new colleagues
  • When we send our CV and cover letter to apply for a new job
  • When we communicate via email with clients / suppliers / partners that we hardly ever meet face to face
  • Through our social media profiles



Is it right for me?


This training program is ideal for all those people who are interested in personal development and who encounter the above-mentioned situations in their daily lives. Throughout these 3 hours we will explore various scenarios, we will look at examples of best practice and we will also equip you with a useful set of tips so that once you are in the outside world you will certainly make first impressions that count.

Commencing on: 17 September 2019    calendar 09:00-11:00    
calendar 50.00

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