The Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary

The relation between the manager and the secretary can be a very complex one, especially in high-pressure offices where it is very difficult to communicate due to a high workload. As a result, the manager is very likely rarely in the office, but the secretary is still expected to know a lot and carry a lot of responsibility. This course mainly focuses on the organisational role of the secretary, on how to effectively communicate with one’s boss, on how to prepare for meetings and also on how to manage time effectively. On top of that it also gives a lot of tips on how to support colleagues and maintain healthy relationships at work.

What will I learn?

  • The functions and main duties
  • How to plan and organise work
  • How to manage diaries
  • How to understand your boss
  • How to support colleagues
  • How to maintain healthy relationships at work
  • Effective time management tips
  • Preparing for meetings

Is it right for me?

This training programme is aimed at anyone who is involved in a secretarial, personal assistant and any other administrative role and at those who are interested in building up and enhancing their relationship with their bosses/superiors.


Commencing on: 02 December 2020    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 100.00

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