Working Together: The Manager and Personal Assistant

Working Together: The Manager and Personal Assistant

What will I learn?

  • Defining the role of your manager as well as the PA’s role
  • How to become better at managing the various tasks involved
  • Learn how to anticipate needs and identify areas for improvement
  • Build an effective and more productive working relationship
  • Enable your manager to better understand the issues that you face within your role. 

Is it right for me?

Suitable for secretaries/PAs and managers to attend together -This course will help you have a clearer understanding of each other’s roles, pressures and responsibilities in order = to work more collaboratively and effectively as a team. Individuals may also attend separately.


Commencing on: 27 July 2018    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 90.00

For more info please contact:

Tel: +356 2205 4605
Fax: +356 2124 7512

No. of Attendees:

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