The Power of Assertiveness

The Power of Assertiveness

What will I learn?

  • Recognise what assertiveness is
  • Apply assertive behaviour in a broad range of situations
  • Recognise barriers to being assertive and ways to deal with them
  • The risks and benefits of being assertive
  • Recognise the difference between being and appearing assertive
  • Demonstrate techniques to improve and control assertiveness
  • Recognise and choose an appropriate assertive behaviour

Is it right for me?

Do you find that you are always saying ‘yes’, when you really mean to say ‘no’? Then this training is right for you. 

Commencing on: 23 September 2020    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 100.00

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Tel: +356 2205 4605
Fax: +356 2124 7512

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