Data Protection Legislation

Data Protection Legislation

In 2012 the European Commission put forward its EU Data Protection Reform which focused on making Europe fit for the digital age. Statistics show that more than 90% of European citizens, state that they want the same data protection rights across the EU. The EU commenced the process for this to become a reality. The end result consisted of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which entered into force in May 2016 and the Data Protection Directive. The GDPR allowes for an interim period of time until May 2018, within which controllers and processors need to be up to speed with new and enhanced data protection obligations under the GDPR.


The course shall focus mainly on the GDPR and the changes that controllers and processors should implement by May 2018 to ensure full compliance with the law and to avoid hefty penalties that were introduced by the GDPR.



Dr Terence Cassar

Commencing on: 31 May 2018    calendar 09:00-11:00    
calendar 65.00

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