Bootcamp for Senior Managers

Bootcamp for Senior Managers

What will I learn?

  • Identify your strength and areas for improvement to become effective leaders and managers;
  • Strengthen your leadership skills particularly in the areas of authority, responsibility and accountability;
  • Focus on the critical areas of leadership including motivation, communication, problem-solving and decision making, delegation and change management.


The programme is experiential and highly interactive with a mix of individual and team exercises.

How am I doing as a Senior Manager? Am I taking up the challenge as a leader? What can I improve upon?


Session One:

  • Introduction to the programme
  • Understanding leadership today – facts and fads
  • Leaders – human qualities and skills
  • The different quotients of Intelligence and Emotions
  • Self- awareness, setting personal objectives, self-control


Session Two:

  • Why am I being respected in my job? What is my authority style?
  • Decision making – structured and unstructured thinking
  • The way forward for creative thinking
  •  Do I understand visionary leadership?
  • How do I communicate it? The tenets of effective communication


Session  Three:

  • What motivates me? What motivates others? Can I motivate others?
  •  Corporate culture and personal challenges


Session Four:

  • Am I expected to be a change manager?
  • The challenges of change in management
  • The value of introspection
  • Am I confident in designing a personal route forward?



Is it right for me?

This senior management programme led by Lawrence Zammit is aimed at persons holding senior positions in companies and organisations such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Operations Officers, Chief Commercial Officer,  and other Chief Officers, Financial Controllers, and other Managers who report directly to the Chief Executive Officers or the Board of Directors.


Training will be held on:

8.11.2017, 13.11.2017, 14.11.2017 and 16.11.2017

Commencing on: 08 November 2017    calendar 09:00-12:00    
calendar 354.00

For more info please contact:

Tel: +356 2205 4605
Fax: +356 2124 7512

No. of Attendees:

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