The MISCO Salaries & Benefits Report for the Financial Services Sector 2017

The MISCO Salaries & Benefits Report for the Financial Services Sector 2017

This report provides organisations with a broad spectrum of the current local financial services sector (accountancy and audit firms, banks, insurance and investment firms) with the intention of providing organisations with sufficient information to decide on any remuneration adjustments. 

In a challenging marketplace, effective and competitive remuneration is a key priority. Employers need to ensure their reward policies and practices are both practical and relevant to today’s labour market. Therefore, having access to robust and up-to-date market information is essential. MISCO compiles such reports for the following reasons:

  1. To provide guidance on the pay ranges to be attached to grades or bands when designing a pay structure.
  2. To support a market pricing approach to valuing jobs. This is particularly important if the organisation decides that its pay levels should be ‘market driven’.
  3. To inform decisions on market supplements to the basic gross salary to ensure that pay will attract and retain the people the organisation needs.

In conjunction with other tools, this report provides useful information to attract, support and retain employees within the context of an overall HR and organisation plan.

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