The MISCO ICT Salaries and Benefits Report 2016

The MISCO ICT Salaries and Benefits Report 2016

The MISCO ICT Salaries & Benefits Report 2016 was released in January 2016. This report has been published for the past ten years and presents remuneration data for ICT positions within the local market. 

In a challenging marketplace, effective and competitive remuneration is a key priority. Employers need to ensure their reward policies and practices are both practical and relevant to today’s labour market. Therefore, having access to robust and up-to-date market is essential. This report is compiled for this specific reason. In conjunction with other tools, The MISCO ICT Salaries & Benefits Report 2016 provides useful information to attract, support and retain ICT employees within the context of an overall HR and organisational plan.

The survey covers a range of positions in both ICT and non-ICT companies. The data is analysed in a manner such that it enables employers to position themselves more accurately in the labour market and to adopt the appropriate pay systems to attract and retain talented employees in this sector.

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