Salary Benchmarking Surveys

Salary Benchmarking Surveys

MISCO conducts a number of customised benchmarking surveys with the aim of providing clients with reliable and updated information about the different remuneration packages paid in the Maltese economy. The purpose of such surveys is to benchmark a number of positions within the local labour market with positions requested by our clients. This study is meant to act as a benchmarking tool, comparing positions of equal value within the labour market.

This information gives the end user a better idea of the remuneration packages offered locally, thus permitting more accurate and specific positioning of the organisation within the market. More specifically this survey focuses on collecting data about salaries, bonuses, allowances and other non-monetary benefits.

Based on quality research and extensive knowledge acquired through MISCO’s involvement in human resources advisory services, this report provides you with a reliable, realistic and up-to-date picture of what companies are paying to recruit new employees and to retain their current staff in specific economic or industrial sectors.

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