The MISCO Salaries and Benefits Report

The MISCO Salaries and Benefits Report

This report is compiled with the aim of providing senior management with information about the different remuneration packages paid to managerial, executive and other salaried staff in Malta.

MISCO compiles this report for the following reasons:

  1. To provide guidance on the pay ranges to be attached to grades or bands when designing a pay structure.
  2. To support a market pricing approach to valuing jobs. This is particularly important if the organisation decides that its pay levels should be ‘market-driven’.
  3. To inform decisions on market supplements to the basic gross salary to ensure that pay will attract and retain the people the organisation needs. 

The data is collected through individual interviews with companies and the report analyses data between companies of different size and sectors. An analysis is also made between basic salary, performance-related pay and fringe benefits. 

The Misco Salaries and Benefits Report 2020-21, has been published. Contact us on [email protected] or 22054000 to purchase your copy of the report.

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