Bernice Camilleri

Bernice Camilleri has been involved in all aspects of the language travel industry for well over a decade - ranging from extensive experience in the academic field (teacher, course coordinator and Director of Study), to Marketing.

More specifically, she has been involved in the area of English Language Teaching for over 15 years and has had the role of language coach in various English Language Schools and businesses locally, giving training in Business English, Report Writing and Presentation Skills amongst others. Bernice also gives online training mainly in the areas of Interview Preparation, CV building and self-presentation. She also held a lecturing post at the University of Malta where she gave lectures on Proficiency in Writing, English Language Proficiency for International Students, and also Public Speaking & Debating. The main issue she has had to deal with over the years is not so much a low level of English as it is a confidence hurdle. Her biggest satisfaction is to firstly coach students into overcoming this confidence hurdle and then moving them towards accuracy in speaking and writing.

Nowadays, Bernice continues to do in-company training and tends to focus more on the areas of Customer Relations, Communication Skills as well as Presentation Skills. As the Co-Owner and Director of an international online marketing company, Bernice attends and presents in conferences around the world 6 - 7 times per year. This experience has enabled her to bring together her teaching skills, but to also see things from the point of view of someone who actually does have to stand up in front of a crowd and give a presentation. Turning theory into practice has helped to equip her with a more solid set of skills which she eagerly passes on to her students each time she has the opportunity to do so.

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