Know your employees through psychometric assessments


Odessa Farrugia's Article on Times of Malta      

Qualifications and experience will always be important factors to determine if employees are performing well on the job. However, in many positions, one’s personality is equally important. ODESSA FARRUGIA from MISCO explains why more employers should be carrying out psychometric assessments as a means of knowing their employees better.

“By time, organisations do change the way they operate to become more efficient and employees, as human beings, are susceptible to the changes around them. Their characters and disposition towards the company they work for, are effected by these changes. Is this disposition compatible with the company and its ongoing changes? Are employees adapting well in the company? Are they relating well with the organisational setup and their colleagues? Psychometric assessments are very objective methods that help us assess all this in a scientific way and the results are impressively accurate,” explains Odessa Farrugia.

MISCO has been conducting psychometric assessments for employers since 2005. These assessments present a fair and very effective method of comparing competencies of different candidates regardless of their experience and educational background. Psychometric assessments are not only applied to candidates sitting for job interviews but also internally with companies who want to review their employees’ ongoing experience at the workplace, for appraisals and as part of a company’s efforts to sustain its employees’ personal development.

“These assessments give a ‘human’ dimension to the way employers want to understand their people better. When we conduct such assessments, we notice how the persons sitting for these assessments react when they see their personality ‘presented’ to them on paper. Whilst many express themselves very positively when they see the outcome of their assessment, others find it difficult to accept certain outcomes about their personality. However, I feel this is important because this helps them grow into better persons and ultimately, better employees.”

Any employer can choose to apply these psychometric assessments. From an employee’s point of view, these assessments are not the ‘be all and end all’ but an additional tool with which their character, personality and traits can be assessed, in their’s and their company’s interest.

“We offer various types of assessments that can be customised according to the job, the operations of the company and the specific duties required from the eventual employee chosen. Abroad, these tests are extremely popular and well ingrained during all stages in the HR lifecycle. They also help sustain employees’ personal development and are becoming particularly handy during personal development processes. Employers in Malta however, are not very well-versed on these methods and therefore, many are still unaware of the huge benefits that can be enjoyed when opting to assess potential candidates through such tools.”

Companies using these assessments stand to benefit a lot. Whether they use psychometric assessments for recruitment or as part of their ongoing employee development process, companies should know that these are scientific and they should make sure that the assessments they use are valid and reliable. Using psychometric assessments therefore, gives them a competitive edge especially at an age when more and more organisations want to know more about their employees and what potential they hold. Knowing that such assessments can help them discover candidates’ core competencies more accurately and use them for the benefit of the organisation, makes these tools even more beneficial.

“We believe in the importance of using these tools because they are an opportunity for employers to obtain a scientific and very accurate personality assessment of their employees or the new candidates they are interviewing. Companies already take many important and strategic decisions based on researched data and scientific studies. So when companies are investing so much in their employees, they want to know they are investing in the right people for their organisation and for that particular role. At MISCO, we have come to appreciate how reliable these assessments are,” added Odessa Farrugia.

Employers want their people to fit with their organisation, their culture and the way the company interacts with its customers. Psychometric tests therefore, help a company assess whether its current and future employees are compatible with the job role being performed.

“Psychometric assessments deal with the personality traits. Therefore, these assessments may be applied by employers from practically any sector such as engineering companies, accountancy firms, sales and administration, human resources, energy, automotive, aviation and more. Although different sectors demand specific qualities, these transferable skills such as organisational skills, interpersonal relationships, strategic capabilities, creativity, resilience and self-confidence are universal and are important traits that any employer would want to see in his people.”

“I personally feel that these assessments help employees discover themselves more. From my experience, I found out how these tools help a person challenge his or her behaviour in that the outcome sometimes, surprises even the person completing it. Having said that, this is something very positive because when you know yourself better, you perform better, something that ultimately, benefits everyone involved,” concluded Odessa Farrugia.

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