Employer Branding | Your employees are your brand ambassadors

At MISCO, we believe in the importance of employers nurturing their employees because by doing this, they can secure that their best talent stays and eventually enjoy a long-term positive effect on the employer’s brand,” says Josianne Avellino from MISCO.

The employer brand defines the reputation that a company enjoys as an employer. This image is mostly built on the corporate culture and the values promoted by the company but also on the way the outside world looks at the company and the way it manages its employees. Just as a brand defines the product, employer branding refers to the way a company attracts and retains talent.

“A strong employer brand helps current employees feel proud of their contribution to the company and contributes to achieving better results. At the end of the day, it is a known fact that your employees are your brand too,” explains Josianne Avellino.

“Employer branding requires a defined long-term strategy. Interaction between different departments and consensus between them is essential for the successful analysis and implementation of an employer branding strategy. Companies who want to develop such a strategy need to be addressing career and personal development, conducting annual performance reviews, rewarding achievement and talent and aligning all with the vision of the job and the vision of the whole company. ,” added Josianne Avellino.

So how can a company start giving more attention to this aspect?

Over these past years, MISCO built the required competence to assist companies to establish a more positive and impactful employer brand. We have done this by partnering with companies who wanted to analyse this in an objective manner, and who needed help to build a stronger image which not only benefits their current employees but also helps attract the right talent towards the company. We can help you to answer these important questions:

What does your company stand for?

What do your employees think your company stands for?

Why would someone want to work for you?

How many of your employees would recommend your company as a great place to work?

All companies have what is commonly referred to as an “Employer Value Proposition” - what they can offer to their employees and what values and priorities employees should have to fit in well within the company.

The value proposition of an employer will vary from one company to another. A company may offer flexibility to its employees; another might focus on offering higher salaries; or else a company gives exposure and opportunity to working in different countries. Whatever the value proposition of an employer is, a strong employer brand is one which is communicated and well known by both the current employees and prospective candidates. High standards at the work place, a professional approach and work ethic as well as recognition are other factors that strengthen a company’s employer brand.

“When it comes to employer branding, communication is very important. From our experience with different clients we feel that employers do feel the need to communicate their employer brand both internally and externally, however they might find it difficult to do so or else do not really know what their ‘Employer Value Proposition’ is. This is very normal and this is where MISCO can assist employers to become aware of their real employer value proposition and what they can offer to their employees in an objective manner” outlines Josianne Avellino.

Company’s employees have an important role in supporting their employer’s ‘brand’. Besides the HR, Communications or Marketing departments, each and every employee needs to be involved in maintaining the image of the company, working in line with the company’s values and be involved in employee engagement surveys to be ambassadors of the brand name and the values a company transmits. 

“In today’s competitive market, presenting oneself as an attractive employer remains a key factor that encourages more and better candidates to choose you over other employers, enhancing retention of talent due to identification with company values, thus making your company more sustainable.” concluded Josianne Avellino.


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