ICT Roles in Malta see 67% increase in remuneration in past 10 years

Since MISCO has been publishing its Salaries & Benefits Report for the ICT industry ten years ago, the average increase in the remuneration package, which includes basic gross pay and employee benefits has been of 67%.

This came out from MISCO’s latest publication of its MISCO Salaries & Benefits Report for the ICT Sector in Malta, which this year is in its 10th edition.

The 2016 Report features 22 positions and focuses on salaries for ICT jobs held in private organisations, both ICT (47%) and non-ICT companies (53%).

Amongst the companies participating in this latest report, 37% employ less than 50 employees, 41% employ between 51 and 150 employees and 22% employ over 150 employees.

Of these, 37% operate in financial services, 35% operate in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, aviation and hospitality industries whereas 29% in the iGaming industry.

“ICT is one of Malta’s fastest growing industries. In 2006, this was already starting to become apparent and this is what had spurred MISCO to start compiling this annual report to monitor the salaries and benefits with which the people in this industry are being remunerated. The patterns noted in these reports will give ICT employers a full picture of what ICT professionals are being paid, helping employers remain competitive whilst attracting better talent,” said Maria Zahra from MISCO.

According to this report, the most paid position is currently that of Systems Manager followed by that of Project Manager. These are followed by the roles of Senior Software Developer and Software Developer, Systems Analyst and Support Officer.

Nothwithstanding this, over the past 10 years, Software Developer was the role that saw the highest salary increase (85.51%) followed by the role of Senior Software Developer (79.51%), Systems Analyist (74.33%) and Project Manager (70.89%). Interestingly, the role of Systems Manager which is the most paid role, saw the least overall increase over the past 10 years, 42.36%.

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