Psychometric Profile:Match Workshop

Personality Assessments reflect a person’s behaviour, compare a subject’s identity with his or her perceived reputation and indicate probable character traits such as leadership potential, job satisfaction, motivation and counterproductive behaviours.

These were the main subjects during a recent half day workshop on psychometric assessments and how such tests can help companies define characteristics and attributes of potential new employees successfully hosted by MISCO in collaboration with the creators of Profile:Match2 assessments

The morning workshop which was attended by over 30 HR professionals from various sectors, was addressed by Grace Walsh, Business Psychologist from PCL who lead an in-depth discussion on the importance of psychometric assessments for today’s industry. In her detailed presentation, Ms Walsh highlighted the benefits of using such tools on a daily basis and linked day-to-day performance to HR strategy and to the organisation’s business strategy, mission and vision.

“Our periodic workshops for HR professionals are an opportunity for us to meet people in the industry, to understand better what their needs and expectations are and also an opportunity to help them become more effective in their line of work. Understanding professionals, puts us in a better position to know where we can support them,” said Joanne Bondin from MISCO Malta.

This workshop presented an excellent platform for discussing personality traits, why people behave and react differently, how professionals assess potential new employees and the effective use of pyschometrics when interviewing job seekers especially the application of the so called Five Factor Model.

“Employers are usually faced with long lists of questions when they come to identifying high potential employees or which candidates would be the best suited for a promotion or to fill a role.  We all look at individuals through our own eyes and make decisions based on personal subjective perceptions. The psychometric process helps put an objective dimension to this and simply aims to do what we all try to do intuitively on a day-to-day basis – finding the right words to sum other people up through assessments that are systematic, fair and capable of being repeated with different people in a standardised way,” added Odessa Farrugia.

The workshop was also an opportunity for those attending to learn more on how MISCO applies its PROFILE:MATCH system, an assessment tool recognized as one of the best methods how to identify essential and desirable characteristics required for high performance roles.







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