MISCO Reaches Another Important Milestone: 30 Years’ Experience In People Selection

Recent internal statistics collected by MISCO for its consultative recruitment and selection services have confirmed a retention rate of employees engaged with companies of 96%. This means that MISCO is being highly successful not only in satisfying the recruitment requirements of its clients’ companies by providing the right candidates but these new employees are being retained by their new employers as they prove themselves to be the right people for the post. JOANNE BONDIN, Head of MISCO’s recruitment operations explains how this success stems from giving clients plenty of a very important resource, time.

What identifies MISCO’s expertise?

“We are a value-based company. This means that our prime concern is bringing true value to those companies who seek our services. MISCO has been operating in the recruitment business for 30 years now and being true to our values is what brings us success in what we do. We help candidates find employment across a wide base of different sectors and industries however, we are mostly specialised in executive, managerial and senior-management roles. I feel that one of the most important traits of our company is that we adopt high quality procedures and techniques for recruitment. Now it is very easy to talk of quality however, if I had to define our way of working, I would say that we take time to get to know the client well. It is the time we spend with our clients that helps us understand what they need so that we can meet their expectations.


How does your personal training and career development help you in your role at MISCO?

I joined MISCO in 2006 as a Human Resource Executive after obtaining my degree in Psychology. In 2010, I was appointed as Head of Selection and Recruitment. Today, together with my team, we deliver effective recruitment solutions for clients. I am also responsible for the management of the Selection Unit at MISCO Consulting, including, planning, budgeting, implementing and reviewing of MISCO’s recruitment operations and I also get to be involved in organising and delivering training for various private and public sector organisations on a range of topics including communication skills, recruitment, selection and various HR topics. This gives me an opportunity to remain abreast with what companies look for when they are seeking new potential employees. More importantly, I have come to realise how important it is for companies to find people who are passionate, who want to grow not only personally but as part of the company that invests in them and who are willing to share and participate in the company’s vision.

You mentioned the time you give to clients. Isn’t this with every job though?

Time has become a very precious resource that few appreciate. In terms of recruitment, companies want to hire the best person for the role they want to fill and yet, for such important roles, they simply do not have the time to go through the rigorous and time-consuming steps involved. This is where we come in. We first meet the company and go through the organisation’s structure to understand its vision and requirements. Then, we embark on the proper process for finding the right candidates. This involves advertising the vacancy properly and in the right places to make sure we attract the right potential candidates, we shortlist the applications, we interview the shortlisted candidates, we conduct second interviews followed by psychometric assessments and final interviews. It is a process that would normally take between 3-4 weeks.


Does this happen with each and every vacancy that needs to be filled?

Not necessarily but in our case, many times it does. MISCO caters mostly for senior, executive, management roles, and many times those roles  would be pivotal for a company’s success. Therefore we are talking of people who need to be highly competent and with plenty of soft skills. It takes expertise to look for and meet new candidates, get to know them, read them and to understand who of these candidates truly possesses the right qualities and disposition for the job. Not all companies have the time to nurture new employees in the soft skills. They want people who are already willing to enter the fray, who are capable of taking initiative, who are not afraid to ask questions to learn more; people who can quickly fit in the company’s culture and start working productively. Every company has a different culture. We take time to first, understand this culture by spending quality time with our client company and then we dedicate time to assess the people that would best fit the company’s culture. All this takes a lot of time and expertise. We offer both because one without the other yields little results.


You also mentioned values. On which values does MISCO base its recruitment activity?

First and foremost, although recruitment could seem complicated, for us who have been doing it for 30 years, it is not. We are first and foremost practical. Our services are dynamic and they constantly change and adapt according to client’s needs. We are down to earth people, very approachable and we bring varied solutions to the table as long as these benefit the company and its requirements. We are flexible and we give time to understand the client because we never adopt a one-size-fits-all attitude. This is what makes our service a professional one. Most importantly, we uphold very high ethical standards. We come across cases where clients could be adopting a discriminatory attitude like for example not wanting to employ a particular gender or not considering candidates above a certain age. We are outright against these attitudes and we take a firm stand about it. Many recruitment companies tend to look at the numbers. At MISCO, we feel that all those looking for our service are investing time, money and resources and therefore, these need to be repaid with attention to detail and a quality service that delivers true value.


What makes recruitment a challenging job?

We feel that one of the aspects that make our recruitment operations challenging is the fact that we are constantly looking for people with a personality and culture fit that can make the difference in the companies that employ them. People selection is not only about finding the right people but doing so using the right tools and assessment methods. It is in our human nature to tend to ‘prefer’ people who would fit in our own personal scheme of things. It is also normal to want to respond quickly to an employer’s vacancy by finding a person to fill in the job as quickly as possible. However, proper selection does not rely on gut feeling and finding the right person can involve a structured process.


What do you find rewarding in this sector?

We at MISCO derive most satisfaction and personal reward from watching a company grow thanks to the people that we would have placed with them. We also feel very satisfied when we meet companies and find out that their employees would have been first placed there by us. On a more personal level, I work with the knowledge that we are not just filling jobs but through our knowledge and expertise, we are helping people find the ideal career opportunity – which is a great deal.  We are effectively changing people’s life.

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