In the wake of the internet explosion, personality assessment has become commonplace. Usage has burgeoned and, with the commercial opportunities, new instruments are rushed to online publication. Personality assessment is a science; much more
than a ritual or a fascinating addition to recruitment and selection.

In PROFILE:MATCH2™ we offer evolution rather than revolution.

On the foundations laid by the originators of psychometrics, we have built an expert system that reinvents the process, rather than the measurement technology, and delivers tailored assessments in the everyday language of work place behaviours and competencies.

Our concession to modernity lies in the emphasis on user interface, access and ease of use. Decades of personality research allow robust generalisations to be made; generalisations that form the basis of expert judgement in the field. These expert judgements
are captured by our algorithmic approach.

What you get in PROFILE:MATCH2™ is the combined expertise of highly experienced business oriented psychologists. Our proprietary algorithmic approach to profile interpretation is underpinned by classic psychometric techniques, a consensual body of global personality theory and detailed research and development.

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