MISCO CV Templates

Your CV is your first chance and sometimes the only chance you have of making the right impression on a potential employer. Having good quality content in your CV will boost your chance of getting an interview.

As consultants we receive and review a number of CVs every day and we have first-hand contact with clients who provide us with valuable feedback. Thus we are able to highlight and point out ways of how you can customise your CV in a way to reflect your personality and strengths.

To help you, we have designed a number of CV templates you can use. You have various designs and content you can choose from.

Template 1:        Graduates CV – Education based design 

Template 2:        CV with long term absence – Traditional design  

Template 3:        Standard CV – CV with cover page design 

Template 4:        Senior Management CV – Competency based design  

Template 5:        Profile CV – Modern design

If you feel you need further assistance we also offer CV Coaching

For further information, kindly contact the selection team on +356 2205 4505 or [email protected]  

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