Analysis of boards

Written by Franco Azzopardi, 4 March 2014

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Recent research carried out by PWC on the Boards (vide, reveals some interesting perceptions about boardroom composition, stakeholder engagement, emerging risks and strategy, change in the digital world, and more. 934 public company directors responded to the survey with 70% serving on boards of companies with over id="mce_marker" billion. Good read:

  • 35% say someone on their board should be replaced due to aging, lack of expertise and poor preparation for meetings
  • 48% cite that board leadership is uncomfortable addressing the issue of replacing a board member
  • 54% say that their primary motivation for sitting on a board is intellectual stimulation
  • 30% say it is very appropriate to communicate about corporate governance directly with shareholders. 30% say the opposite.
  • 50% say that their board's policy about communication is inadequate or useless
  • 80% say there is clear allocation of risk oversight among the board and its committees
  • 94% say they receive information on competitor initiatives and strategy
  • 75% of directors said their boards took additional action to oversee fraud risks
  • 15% of directors deem IT revolutionary and critical and 61% want to spend more time considering related risks
  • 35% use outside consultants to advise boards on IT strategy and risk
  • 33% believe that their company's strategy and IT risk mitigation is not adequately supported by a sufficient understanding at Board level
  • 24% say they are not sufficiently engaged in understanding the company's level of cyber-security spend
  • 64% believe that recent regulatory initiatives have not increased investor protection
  • 75% believe that increased regulation has added costs to companies that exceed benefits
  • 56% think that regulation has put excessive burdens on directors.

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