The Commercialisation Voucher Programme

The Malta Council for Science and Technology has announced the launch of the Commercialisation Voucher Programme which will be financed by national funds. Commercialisation Vouchers will assist researchers, micros and SMEs in  developing the commercial potential of their research and their competitiveness through more collaboration with R&D institutions. This is expected to create opportunities for knowledge transfers between industry and academia. As from 30 October 2013, the European Council will be accepting proposals for Commercialisation Vouchers, on the strength of which one of the following activities could be supported:


-        IP Check Patent check and validation and scientific opinion

-        Market Research

-        Product Development Costing

-        Economic Impact

-        Risk Profile

-        Initial Patent Application

-        Business Plan

-        Investors’ Meetings


Calls for Commercialisation Vouchers will be granted on a ‘first accepted first served’ basis. For further information visit:

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