e-Call system: automated emergency calls for road accidents

The European Commission has introduced the ‘e-Call’ system to help mitigate the consequences of serious road accidents in the EU and has adopted a proposal which  would grant car drivers the opportunity to dial 112, Europe’s single emergency number, in case of a serious car accident.


The proposal will see inbuilt vehicle sensors installed into vehicles with a view to  provide quicker assistance to car crash victims   and this is expected to make a significant impact on the reduction of secondary accidents and road congestions which are triggered by traffic accidents. According to the European Commission, the ‘e-Call’ system is expected to speed up emergency response times by 40% in urban areas and by 50% in the in rural areas.


The draft legislation which will regulate the ‘e-Call’ system will ensure that, as of October 2015, all new car models and light duty vehicles be fitted with the EU-wide eCall service. On the strength of the installation of this system, a vehicle’s location will be traced to emergency services even in case a driver is unconscious or unable to dial the emergency service. As the European Commission has pointed out, this new system could help save up to 2,500 lives a year.

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