Fabio Giangolini

Fabio read for a Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Hons.) at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and subsequently obtained a Masters in Marketing Management from MELIUS form in Rome.

Having moved to Malta in 2005, he subsequently worked with companies operating in the gaming, advertising, and nonprofit sectors. He was instrumental in the set-up and launch of the marketing and PR departments, and the establishment of best practice procedures of these companies.

In 2009, Fabio founded Strategic Communications, an advertising, public relations and web development agency with an ample portfolio of clients, including companies operating in the insurance, freight, corporate services, executive protection, health, beauty and fashion industries.

Fabio also regularly delivers training sessions in new media marketing and corporate public relations to local companies.

He is also active in the field of journalism, and he is currently the editor of the world news and special operations sections of the Italian military magazine “Combat Arms” (CAFF Editrice). His articles have been included in the library of the Centre for Advanced Defence Studies (in Italian: Centro Alti Studi per la Difesa – CASD) of the Italian Ministry of Defence. He has published his works in the Maltese media (Sunday Circle, On Parade, Timesofmalta.com), and has been interviewed several times by Television Malta News on military subjects. He often liaise with the PR offices of various police and armed forces, for the promotion of their activities with the public.

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