MISCO Shopper

'MISCO Shopper'

'Promoting Excellence through Mystery Shopping and Training'

The most important benefit of conducting Mystery Shopping is to see your business through the eyes of the customer.  Front-line workers are the direct link between your company and your customers.

MISCO Shopper is a product offered by MISCO to assess your staff's performance at the "moment of truth" to measure the real customer experience against what is actually delivered by your staff with planned interventions for service improvement.

What do we measure?

Areas of Assessment:

  • Cleanliness
  • Courtesy
  • Customer Service
  • Employee appearance
  • Product / service knowledge
  • Professionalism

Measurably Improved Performance

The first mystery shopping exercise will help identify areas that need improving based on feedback received.  Following consultation with us, we will then deliver a bespoke Customer Service training programme targeting these deficiency areas.  Training may include awareness of personal appearance, telephone handling techniques, professionally resolving problems and complaints.

A return on your investment

Following the training sessions, a second mystery shopping exercise wil then be conducted to provide valuable feedback and demonstrate areas of improved quality and service.

For more information or for a quotation please contact us on training@miscomalta.com or +356 22054 606.

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