Benefits of Accredited Qualifications

Over the years, Malta has seen an increase of accredited training centres that offer professional qualifications, generally awarded from UK professional bodies.

What is the difference between a professional accredited qualification and any other qualification of the same level?

The answer is simple: professional bodies accredit individuals in the field and enable them with the latest know-how of the profession. These professional qualifications demonstrate industry standards, showing that a student has reached a certain level of competence within the field.

Many can obtain a marketing title, by studying for an undergraduate degree, but this does not automatically mean that they are professional marketers who possess the practical skills required to practice within the field. The professional qualifications provide people with awareness of the field by providing them with a thorough, current and up-to-date background of all areas of the field.

Employing someone who has achieved a professional qualification enables the company to establish the level of competence of their employee. It provides employers with an assurance of the employee’s abilities and professional development. Employees with the right skills and training bring immediate benefits and one cannot ignore the changed work environment, where every employer is competing for staff. Professional qualifications help to develop, attract, engage and retain employees.

This means that as an employee, achieving a professional qualification can increase one’s market value.

MISCO offers professional marketing qualifications, accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. For more information contact Maria Zahra on 22054 605/6 or [email protected].








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