The fundamental secret behind successful job-hunting is being pro-active. This can be done primarily through networking and secondly by finding vacancies through various mediums.


Networking refers to making connections with people to gain information regarding vacancies and organisations. Networking is important to help you infiltrate in the hidden job market, thus becoming aware of vacancies that are not advertised.

Networking can be augmented through attendance at job fairs, career conventions, workshops and meetings, getting contacts of potential employers and persons of influence in companies as well as subscribing to professional magazines. There are a number of networking organisations which one can also join.

In addition, networking has been facilitated by a number of online networking platforms, the leading medium being LinkedIn. Nowadays most people resort to similar online methods to carry out their networking.  

Finding vacancies through review or research

One can gain access to a number of vacant posts with different companies by keeping updated through various mediums used by companies as outlined in Table 1. Having an objective is essential to be successful.

Through research one can become well-informed on the company prior to attending an interview. One should research the company’s history and background, the products and services it offers as well as the organisational culture and structure.

There are various locations / mediums where you can look for job opportunities:

  • Online job sites and company websites
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Specialist publications
  • Local newspapers
  • Careers and information fairs
  • Word of mouth
  • Drop in-Sessions
  • Research on the organizations of interest



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