The Chartered Institute of Marketing

The Chartered Institue of Marketing (CIM) Qualifications

MISCO is an accredited The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) centre, offering marketing qualifications in Malta. CIM is the world's leading professional marketing body. 

These qualifications help open doors. The unique set of marketing qualifications will make a difference in your career - whether you're a student, marketing assistant, or responsible for an entire marketing department. People who take CIM qualifications come from all walks of life and every different stage in their careers. 

Being an internationally renowned qualification it is expected that those interested in completing a CIM qualification show a substantial amount of commitment to attend the tuition sessions that we offer, as well as to continue doing research and working on their assessments at home. 

We offer a number of marketing qualifications, accredited by the CIM:

Foundation Certificate in Marketing (Level 4)

Certificate in Professional Marketing (Level 5)

Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6)

Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6)

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