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It is this time year when you will soon need to get focused on your studies and your career path. Misco will help you ease the pressure you might be feeling by improving your awareness of matters related to your job search and career choice. In fact, there will be a number of articles issued in this magazine throughout the academic year, which will guide you through important phases in your life related to your profession.

This article will provide you with information on the soft skills required from a person to be considered ideal for any position.

Soft skills can be defined as “the non-technical skills, abilities, and traits that are essential to function in a specific employment environment”. These people skills can be categorised as follows: cognitive skills, communication skills, work ethic, and interpersonal skills (Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program, 2008).

Candidates will need to possess own initiative and drive towards work. This means that the candidate will not only perform duties assigned to him or her but also take initiative in helping the company to progress even further, in creating and implementing new courses of action and new ideas. S/he will also possess a pleasant personality and be sociable, approachable and positive in his or her relationships with employees, clients and superiors. This will increase the chances of effective communication between employees, thus resulting in improvement in the quality and quantity of work.

In conjunction with the issue of effective communication, one also needs to bear in mind that a friendly approach towards the client and colleagues will develop the work environment into a harmonious place and will also increase collaboration and cooperation. Performance will be increased and be of a better quality because employees will be more motivated to go to work in a respectable atmosphere where they also know that assistance will be given when needed.

Tolerance has also become an essential characteristic. We live in a multicultural world, where it is vital that people are tolerant of each other, despite any differences in gender, race, religion or origins, especially at the place of work where we spend most of our time. Another significant characteristic is the ability to take on responsibility of your work and being trustworthy.

Persons possessing the above personal characteristics will be regarded as successful candidates because they possess the right stepping stones to build their solid career path. They will be considered an asset because they possess the right attitude to work and learn. For this reason, it is important that you reflect on your personal qualities to be able to identify which soft skills you are mostly confident with and find solutions to develop your deficient skills.


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