Usage and Attitudes Research

Usage and attitudes research is mainly used to understand consumption and market patterns and trends of any given product or service at a particular point in time. 

Such research can be used to identify and understand usage attitudes, habits and preferences of consumers towards particular products or brands. By analysing such information one can gain knowledge regarding their market position versus their competitors and also identify which products or brands may be challenging your company’s position, that is, identifying the main players within your product or service category. Furthermore, this type of research analyses the strength of your company’s brand presence in the market, by asking questions such as, do consumers know about your brands? Do they use these brands? How often? And which other brands do they use?

Usage and attitudes research goes beyond usage patterns and market positioning by analysing certain areas such as, how is your brand perceived? What is your brand’s personality? Does your own idea and expectations of your brand match the perception of your consumers?

In turn, such data will enable your company to build a sound marketing and consumer strategy based on realistic awareness of the market. Certain usage and attitudes research may also provide insight into what needs to be changed or which new opportunities should be pursued, by identifying any gaps or unfulfilled or unmet needs in the market, thus enabling potential business growth.

MISCO International usually carries out this type of research through quantitative telephone or face to face surveys. However, the chosen methodology may vary depending on the business objectives.

For more information on how your company or organisation can implement a usage and attitudes research to improve your market position or customer service, kindly contact MISCO International on +356 2122 0303 or 2205 4000.

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