Leader’s Continuous Professional Development

The role of leadership is as vital as ever but as circumstances change so must leadership techniques. Most individuals are under more pressure than ever before, with more to do and less time in which to do it.  Consequently, it is becoming more imperative for a leader to apply his/herself to the job effectively and to keep abreast with the ever-changing market needs.


To enable this it is important to highlight the need for teams working or acting together towards a common goal or objective. A leader is to believe in self development through learning so he/she will be able to identify and combine their different talents to ensure the success of their teams’ efforts. Being part of a team takes a great deal of time and commitment, therefore a good understanding is required of the necessary ingredients to put together a successful team. Anyone in a management position should have the knowledge of and the ability to make use of an array of leadership styles to accommodate different people and/or situations.


A leader should take a proactive role in learning. Any practising or potential managers should possess the critical evaluative skills for their formal development in this role and broaden their skills and knowledge in a flexible and practical way.   As the Italians say “Impara fino alla bara!” (learn until you die).


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