What is Team Building?

Team building is the process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a work unit that drives individuals to achieve a common goal.

Team building is vital for every aspect of life regardless of your position within the organisation. Needless to say, many projects and events fail often because team collaboration and team work was sacrificed for one’s personal achievements. Organisations that succeed are those that encompass effective teams that are working towards achieving a common purpose or goal.

Belonging to a team sets you up for greater effectiveness that you never could accomplish on your own!! Effective teamwork leads to greater productivity, creativity not to mention a feeling of ownership.


But what constitutes an effective team?

-         Group accountability;

-         Respect for each other;

-         Diversity of skills, personalities and abilities;

-         Equal effort;

-         Positive results resulting from a collective work product. 


Team players with commitment look beyond their own piece of the work and care about the team's overall work. In the end, it is about seeing the team succeed and knowing they ALL have contributed to this success.

Achieving as a team is one of the great motivators of employee performance. Whether your objective is to get to know each other better, team building to work together better, to be more innovative or to get down to work on a budget or business plan, you will achieve much more if you get away for a day and change the environment.

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