Planning Further Action Beyond Graduation

The development of a plan of action is of utmost importance in choosing one’s career path. Before you graduate, you need to allocate enough time to think and reflect on the jobs which interest you most - relevant to your line of studies. You can choose employment which is specific or other opportunities which are more open. You can also opt to continue to further your studies in order to specialise in a particular area of interest.


Feelings of uncertainty and doubt are normal reactions during this transitional period. Therefore, it is important that you remain calm during such occurrences.  Once this period is over, you will feel more decisive on the field that you will opt for. It is now time to prepare for job hunting strategies. CV and interview coaching will be beneficial, MISCO can also provide you with insight on missing or futile information. They will also help you to portray yourself in the best way possible to be preferred than other candidates.


You can explore the following options:

  • Start searching your full-time permanent job – this will channel you to get hands-on experience related to your studies.
  • A gap year can help you to discover options that you have never thought of.
  • In this period, you can work for temporary periods in order to get a better feel of the career you are aiming at. It can also be beneficial as it may increase your network contacts, thus gaining more information and recommendations by employers.
  • Get involved in forums, chat rooms or career guidance groups on online networks such as LinkedIn.
  • Make appointments with professionals in your area of interest so that you can gain as much information as possible as to what your career would be like.


Extensive research and trial periods are key to a successful career path. Being organised during this period of time is essential to portray a professional image and to remember all the contacts, appointments and follow ups that need to be made.

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