Salaries and Benefits Report for the ICT Industry

Benchmarking remuneration is of utmost importance in today’s highly competitive ICT business environment. Imagine what incorrectly remunerated employees would cost you – in wasted resources or de-motivated staff. 

This year, MISCO shall be issuing its 7th annual report on the salaries and benefits offered to professionals working within the local ICT Industry.  This business report is being compiled with the aim of providing senior management with information about the different remuneration packages paid within the Maltese ICT Industry.

The information in this report will be classified by position illustrating the respective basic remuneration packages, total remuneration packages, benefits and allowances of the positions surveyed. The report will also provide you with data on the size of the participating companies and their shareholding structures (local or foreign). The report will also include the results of a short questionnaire that was distributed to the participating companies.

Whilst retaining the structure that has made this business report a reliable and reputable tool for senior management in the industry, the 2012 edition will also include a specific section on ICT positions within the i-Gaming sector in Malta.

MISCO ensures strict confidentiality on the data provided by the participating companies. As always, results will be presented in aggregate form and there will be no mentioning of any company’ name. Furthermore, all data collected is used solely for the purpose of this report.

If your company fits any of the below profiles, and would like to participate and/or eventually purchase the report, please contact MISCO on 22054653 or on [email protected]:

ICT Industry

The ICT Industry in Malta comprises of companies engaged in large bandwidth networks providing high capacity communications to and from the island; companies involved in satellite technology and high capacity fibreoptics linking Malta with Europe; companies involved in the provision of mobile telephony operators as well as internet service, as well as other information communication companies. 

IT Sector

A small segment of the local ICT industry, the IT (Information Technology) sector refers to an entire sector that is involved in software development; or uses computers, networking, software and other equipment to manage information. Modern IT departments in large companies are equipped with computers, DBMS (Database Management Systems), servers and security mechanisms for storing, processing, retrieving and protecting information of the company.

i-Gaming Sector

The online gaming or i-Gaming sector comprises of various occupations that range from clerical and administrative designations to more specialised personnel – such as in IT, HR, finance and accounts, legal, sales, marketing, amongst others.




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