Brand Promise

It is the MISCO brand promise that makes us stand out from other competent organisations. This brand promise consists of six operating principles:

We strive to offer customised services in line with our core competencies. We ensure a deep understanding of the complexities of the business whilst promising to deliver PRACTICAL solutions to diverse needs.

Client Benefit
We promise to use our knowledge of evolving markets to provide high quality services. We consider clients to be unique and as such, we will utilise our expertise to provide them with MAXIMUM BENEFITS.

We seek to build effective business relationships based on mutual trust. We promote PARTNERSHIP as a means of enhancing clients’ competitive advantage.

We are constantly developing our skills to adopt an INNOVATIVE approach in the provision of our services. We aim to use technology and knowledge to offer an improved and effective delivery of results.

We promise to offer outstanding services while complying with PROFESSIONAL, ethical standards. We also seek to promote clients’ interests in a self-critical and responsible manner.

Strong Work Ethic
We empathise with our clients, we are sensitive to their needs and we try to anticipate them. We distinguish ourselves as hard workers obsessed with excellence and professionalism. We show a strong bias for efficiency and approach tasks and opportunities with URGENCY and a SENSE OF PURPOSE – all for the maximum benefit of clients.

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