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MISCO offers its clients a range of marketing and opinion research services providing them with research based information that is critical for their development, such as the launching of new products and services, the acceptability of public policies, the repositioning of brands and maximizing the benefits of their decisions.

We have helped customers to feel the pulse of people’s behaviour, attitudes, perceptions and opinions, identify and measure market size and market share, analyze the characteristics of markets, understand market developments, focus on the critical factors for success in marketing.

By working closely together with you, we will define the marketing question that needs to be addressed, determine the research objective, establish the appropriate methodology and deliver the research information in a timely manner.

MISCO offers a full range of data collection techniques, using both quantitative and qualitative methods and employing a pool of around 70 experienced and trained interviewers.

Our clients include both national and international organisations, operating in both the private and public sector across a wide range of activities such as consumer products, durables, industrial and pharmaceutical products and financial services. We are also very active in the areas of social research and opinion polling and have extensive experience in multi-country projects.

In our work we applythe Code of Market and Social Practice of the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) and the Code of Conduct of the UK Market Research Society.

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