Interviewing Skills

Interviewing job applicants is more than just seeking a match between education, job skills, work history and your job requirements. It is principally a match between your organisation, its environment and its culture and the prospective employee. One of the mistakes committed by employers is that they hire people with the right skills set but not with the right mind set.

Effective interviewing skills help you to make the right choices among job applicants. Throughout the years, MISCO has kept up to date with the latest developments in interviewing and this has ensured that the process of recruitment is carried out optimally, thus decreasing the risk of bad recruitment.

Our interviewing techniques aim to evaluate the experiences and behaviours of job applicants such that we can assess their potential for success. MISCO can assist by guiding you in order to ensure that your interviewing mix is the most appropriate to your requirements, helping you to make the right recruitment decision.

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