MISCO Temping

The fast changing business environment and the need for flexibility in work organisation is leading to an increased demand for innovative workforce management solutions.

What is temping?

A temping assignment can last from a single day's work to even a number of years in duration. Our clients are charged an hourly rate – per hour worked, we in turn engage temps and outsource them to work at your premises. The assignments can be on full-time, part-time or flexible hours basis.

Why use temping services?

Employers would require temp workers for a number of reasons:

  • Project based employees
  • Temporary replacements - to cover staff absence or leave (e.g. vacation or maternity leave)
  • Seasonal peaks
  • Retention possibilities
  • Provision of specialised skills to fill gaps in expertise
  • Staffing flexibility

Why choose MISCO Temping as your business partner?

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Efficiency
  • We guarantee that our temping employment is offered according to Maltese law
  • All our employees get pro-rata benefits as per Maltese law including all leave entitlements

For further information kindly contact us on +356 2205 4505 or [email protected]


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